May 2017 — Koral Martins Off the Wall Photography Blog

Koral B Martin May 10, 2017

I had the wonderful opportunity to watch lady bugs gathering dew drops. About 2 weeks ago before the storms that flooded the area hit, I went hiking at Tanyard Loop with hopes of seeing the beautiful waterfalls and maybe even the heron fishing that I had seen on a prior trip. As I was hiking in I was struck by the dew drops on everything. There were lots of beautiful spiders webs that first caught my attention but then as I looked around the dew drops were glistening along the trial on the wonderful variety of green plants. I pulled out my macro lens and get to work. I loved the drops on all the varieties of leaves but then along came the lady bugs. It was fascinating watching them gather water drops as they moved around. I spent a long time watching them and I loved the opportunity to capture them.
Check out my lady bug cutting board - more to come soon: Lady Bug Cutting Board.

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